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Mar. 24th, 2006 02:42 am Amazed

Suppose we are in a world of our own,
The only things that are real,
are the things that we accept into our lives,
If your life is all about money then thats all your going to have,
but if your life is about love happyness and God thats what your life will be about,
It is awsome how god use's us for his work,
It's awsome how we can choose what we want and who we want to be,
You don't have to have a job or a person in your life to know who you are,
you have to find out for your self what you like about you and what you want to change,
the best way to find out who you want to be is to look to god and he will show you what you like and who you want to be,
you know how when you see someone that you like how they are and your like Oh wow i want to be like that, well all you have to do is be it, I am so amazed at what GOD has shown me,
everyday i wake up it's like a new start to shine brighter in god and to blossom and to practice what god what us to, it depends on what your going through but you can get throuh it, I have gotten through, no matter how much sleep god has he's still always awsome!! And that's how i want to be!! think about it .. How do you want to be, who do you want to be, now be it..

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Mar. 18th, 2006 10:35 pm god is awsome!!!

god is awsome!! The oppertunities we get we have to take it and do something good with it or even just lessen even if you don't know what to say!!! I love it when god picks you first had to do something and you will not see it untill you sit back pull your self off the thron in your self and let god be there then you will see that your not doing it god is and also that god is giving you a chance to help
someone, but if your not open to god, you will not get the joy of doing gods work through you, for someone else! You can change someones thoughts with a blink of an eye if you change you additude and someone else can change your additude just as quick as you change there's so be careful and take a deep breath so that you do not say or do something that you will regret later just think about the person and what they might be going through and know that they are not trying to say something about you and that they really want to talk to you but are having really hard times..

What i talk to god about if it over welmes me is that help to not think of my self and that it is not about me and that this is for god and that this person really needs god and so i will be there with god on the thron so that any one who needs to talk to him will be right there because they need god not me rite now they need to hear what god has to tell them and i think that is awsome that god really speeks through us and that god really knows that we need his help and that we need him to be rite there by our side and i am so so very blessed to help god give his message!!!!! I love you all very much and have a wonderful day!!!!!!

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Feb. 25th, 2006 03:29 pm answer to paul!! lol

LOL I'm not, Thats just something that i want to do on my own!! LOL hehehe
what I learned was that you got to take chances no matter what people think.. Do what your heart tells you too and don't put your fath in people and put it in GOD!!! I think that you should take chances and live your life to the fullest and do things that make GOD happy through the way you are and the way you live your life.. We should not judge things and anilize them we should just let them be and stop trying to change them and let GOD change them. I don't want to you miss understand I am not saying that you should not give advice to someone when you think that they are doing something wrong. I think that you should always be honest with people about how you feel about what they ae doing in there life!! What i learned was that you do not have to take things personal ever and just use the advice that they give you to the best you can. I had a hard time letting things go and letting GOD take care of it .. Some times i would for get that we do not have to take care of things on our own and that we always have GOD to help us and that everything dose not have to get done today and that there is always tommarow to take care of things.. !!!!

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Feb. 25th, 2006 01:49 am

Wow what i have realizd was that we all need to stop judgeing things and just let them be and let them and let it go.. We can't anilize why things happen and then get mad about it we just have to let god take care of it and realize that it is not for us to judge or think about and just live your life to the fullest.. Like i want to get my belly button pirced but i did not do it because i am scared but then i still always want to do it wether it would hurt or not because when you don't do something because your scared or you think that someone might judge you for it .. Don't lession to what you think that they might think because you will never live your life.. Thats not what god wants you to do .. You will not be able to be you if your always looking for someone to tell you if it is right or wrong you have to find out whats best for you.. I was very scared of alot of things because i am use to tell me what to do and to tell me what i should think or tell me what is right and wrong but we still have to know but following our hurt and trusting god!!!!

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Jan. 20th, 2006 05:10 pm Just leave it alone ...

why do you care so much what other people do there just trying to live there like just like we are.. How do you know if there trying but you don't know it because your not them, people all over the world already have haters lets talk about the good things and not talk about the things that do not need to be talked about ..

If it's not nice,
If its not true,
If its not necessary then DONT SAT IT!!!!

Don't get angry today,
Don't worry today,
Be grateful today,
Work hard today,
Be kind to others today.

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Jan. 12th, 2006 08:15 am

find me at www.myspace.com and be my friend!

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Dec. 29th, 2005 09:05 pm What school?

What school should i go to ? I would really like it if anyone knew about a school that you think would be a good school to go to... I really want a High school diploma... rite now the schools that i have been trying to go to are not in the greatest areas so i am going to try and get my High school diploma and i think that this school will be good for me .. I really hope that by then i don't have to ride the city bus... I hope that i am in this school district... So that the school bus will give me a ride i am thinking that if this school dose not workout then i am going to go back to central... Then i am just going to hope and pray that it works out...

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Dec. 28th, 2005 02:08 am

within the last two mounths or so i have been to three different schools, It has been so hard to go to school and try to ingore someone who is bothering you.. What the hell am i supost to do when there is no control in the schools.. Kidds treat you like crap and half of the time you can't even defend your self with words because of the weapons kidds have. So i have to just sit there and let kidds treat me like crap mean while i still have to try and get good greads and not worry about it but there is a big chance that i could get beat up... So right now i am thinking that there is really no other option except to get my GED I know that it is not the same thing but it is equilivent to a high shool deploma.. I just wish that some of my family members could go to school with me that why i am not all by my self... SO then there would be a smaller chance that someone would pick on me... I alson hate rideing the city bus it is even harder then going to school.. your all alone on the bus you have no friends that ride home with you..(well i did but they were not true they just laugh along with people who made fun of people just so that they did not get picked on).. I will not do that i end up feeling gulity if i did.. And it just would not be right ... If i lived in a different school district then it would be different. I would not have to worrie about the weapons ..

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Dec. 25th, 2005 01:19 am YESTERDAY!!

YESTEDAY ways astoundingly crazy Unkle bob was walking home from the store and some brown truck pulled and two guys got out and one of them pulled a gun out on unkle bob and said" give me all of you stuff". and unkle bob pulled his gun out and said" It aint worth it all i got is bread" so he slowly walked backwards and he was fine but while that was happening me and my mom were fighting .. I felt so stupid.. Yesterday i realized that i really sould just like not even say one word to my mom if i think that it might start a fight... SO i was inspired to tell people that they should really be as wise a possiable.....

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Dec. 21st, 2005 03:19 am Hard time..

I realized that I can't give up on something that i truly want to do and it would also help me to succeed in the things that i want to presue later in my life. This city is not the easyest city to just be the quiet one in the qurner to stay out of truble, even the nicest people get stomped on but we got to just move on this school that i was going to was full of gassapers and i just could not stand it but if that was all that i had to deal with it would have not been a problem... But sence i had to ride the bus alone with out another person on the bus with me i just did not want to get jumped because the girl that i rode the bus home with got droped.. so it was like i was the only person that did not go along with what this girl said because every one esle was scared of what someone might think.. Not careing about what any one else felt.. But i did and i got the bad end of the stick, I know that i did a good thing i will always do what i think i right no matter what anyone else thinks or trys to do to me.... I Just think that it was stupid of me to say that i would just try and get a GED just because i gave up on my self i know that i can do it and i will no matter how long it takes me... Today it is much harder to persue the things you want to with A GED... I think that it is stupid that they don't think of a GED as the same thing a graduating... SO right now is a tad bit tought but what Isn't....??? Life is hard and i am going to be tough and learn how to deal with it.. while i am still true to my self and am honest with people if they ask me or god wants me to help them with my advise or i sould say god advise he want me to give to people....

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